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Why were chainsaws invented?


It is scary and surprising to hear that chainsaws were originally made for medical procedures. We all are somewhat scared to use chainsaws, it has very sharp blade to cut apart but it was made with the concept of helping with childbirth. Let’s explore some more info about chainsaws.

Chainsaws were originally invented for helping with childbirth

You must have felt weird to hear the news but it was originally made for assisting in childbirth. All the babies had to be passed through the birth canal before the common use of the caesarian section.

When the babies are breech or too large they become obstructed and can’t fit through and are stuck in the pelvis. And to safely take out the baby, doctors used to remove some parts of bone and cartridge and create more space for the baby. This procedure is called “symphysiotomy

There were different ways of doing the same procedure using different materials like a small knife in hand, all of these procedures were done by giving anesthesia to the women during the birth of the baby. It was time taking procedure and very painful for the mother.

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The doctors found it very hard and time consuming to do the procedure with the help of a knife so to reduce the risk, in 1780 two doctors from Scotland “John Aitken and James Jeffrey“, with the motive of helping with childbirth invented a chainsaw. They had to remove the pelvic bone more safely and fast so they designed a chainsaw that was initially powered by a hand crank and looked like a modern kitchen knife with teeth on the chain that wound in an oval.

Chainsaw was soon started using for other surgical operations like cutting bone cutting and amputations. This was the time people realized the efficiency and speed of the chainsaw and started using chainsaws for cutting wood. This was a revolution in the invention of chainsaws. The modern monster looks evolved from the concept of the old one.

The main purpose of making chainsaws looks unused as Symphoysiotomies are not performed right now. Lastly, it was done during world war III. When there was a lack of an operating room for a caesarian section.

Types of chainsaws

There are different versions of chainsaws we see around us. In this section, we are going to discuss the types of chainsaws. Let’s look ahead.

Manual / Pocket saws

Pocket chainsaws

Chainsaws are usually hard to carry but you will be amazed to know about this version of chainsaws. It consists of a chain with bladed teeth attached to a handle at either end. It is wrapped with whatever you want to cut and start pulling back and forth. It’s exhausting as it sounds, and takes more power to cut off the wood.

Have a look over the video to know briefly.

Tutorial for pocket chainsaws

This is usually used for thin woods mainly for firewood. You can easily get it from your nearby store and web stores.

Battery-powered saws

The lightest sort of fueled saw runs on a battery-powered power source. it is normally a lithium-particle battery. In the event that you haven’t involved a battery-controlled trimming tool in quite a while, make sure to place the battery in its charger a couple of hours before you really want to begin cutting.

Battery Chainsaws

The battery duration of a battery-powered trimming tool differs between brands. It likewise depends on the amount you use at at once, you will not have the option to go through over a day in the field before you need to make a beeline to re-energize. Battery-fueled trimming tools will quite often have less power, making them best for brush-clearing positions where an electrical rope won’t reach.

Corded-electric saws

These electric saws are best for occupations close to the home. On a one-section of land property, you can most likely run an electrical line anyplace you want to go. To work farther abroad, you’ll have to carry a generator or battery-powered battery along. By then, you should simply go cordless.

Corded chainsaws

likewise, run on power, however since they’re connected to a power source, they can run at a higher amperage. This gives them significantly seriously cutting power, with the significant disadvantage that you can’t get much of anywhere from the power source

Gas-powered saws

Gas Powered Chainsaws

Gas-powered chainsaws are by a long shot the most impressive choice the vast majority will at any point utilize, ready to slice through the wood of practically any size. However, there are disadvantages: these saws are cumbersome, malodorous, and noisy. Ear security and chest area strength are requirements for utilizing one securely.

Pole saws

Pole Chainsaws

A pole saw means the chainsaw on a stick. it is used for lopping off tree branches that would otherwise be hard to reach. They’re perfect for disposing of hazardous appendages that could fall and damage somebody whenever left unrestrained. Post saws will generally be more limited and less strong than typical trimming tools, to decrease the burden on the shaft.

Pneumatic saws

Pneumatic chainsaws

Pneumatic trimming tools are fueled by exceptionally compressed air pockets. They can develop sufficient power to make straight cuts in metal and cement, which makes them valuable for development work. Not at all like gas trimming tools, they’re sans discharge. Some have instruments that convey water or oil to hold the sharp edge back from overheating.

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