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9 Interesting Facts About Grace Hopper, Who is Known for?

 John-Lehman-Secretary-of-the-Navy-Capt.-Grace Hopper-to-at the White House-President-Ronald-Reagan
John-Lehman-Secretary-of-the-Navy-Capt.-Grace Hopper-to-at the White House-President-Ronald-Reagan

Grace Murray Hopper (Grace Hopper), first programmer and developer of first compiler for a computer programming language in the work who was a programmer of Harvard Mark I computer. Hopper, which is her surname named after her marry. She was born on December 9, 1906 in the great new work city, USA. Walter Fletcher Murray father and her mother Mary Campbell Van Horne who was very talented in mathematics.

Grace Hopper Rise

An American Computer Scientist, Grace Murray Hopper with intelligent mind become a successful programmer and developer in computer language who become popularized with an innovative idea of making an independent language in computer machine learning which leads to all the computer programmer to develop a well-known programming language COBOL (common business oriented language), one of the first modern programming language.

As she had an unbelievable skill in the field of math and physics also her explaining concept on these two subject was outstanding so she was already decided to do and learn mathematics. She completed PhD degree in mathematics in which she has been awarded in Yale while doing master in mathematics. And in same year, she had also married with Vincent Hopper who had an academic knowledge in the field of literature


Unknown Facts About Her

  • “Mother of Computing” is named for Grace Hopper as she wrote and programmed the first compiler which was machine independent software and can also be programmed and write in different machines.
  • Super Intelligent and unbelievable knowledge in physics and math leads her to become successful programmer.
  • She handle and helped the defense department in the computer networks to make and replace the large and centralized system.
  • She had been divorced with her husband but did not change her surname.
  • At National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC), the Cray XE6 Hopper supercomputer (U.S. Navy destroyer USS Hopper DDG-70) is based on name Grace Hopper.
  • She was also one of the known first women Admirals in the Navy as Amazing Grace. Some News reported that she was the first women in Admiral Navy but it is not sure for anyone yet.
  • She has been also known for the term debugging because she was one who found the moth inside as first bug in the computers which was from many years.
  • A great and big mentor and believer who motivate the young programmer and computer scientists and also used to train them.
  •  She had been known for her “Nanoseconds” famous visual Aid.

Similarly, when she was child, she had been a part of seven alarm clocks. when she was studying her master degree in 1930, she was one out of the four women in whole doctorial programs.

1953 Naval Reserve Medal

1964 Society Of Women Engineers Achievement Award


1969 Distinguished Information Sciences Award

1980 Meritorious Service Medal

1981 Honorary PhD from Clarkson University

1986 Defense Distinguished service Medal

2016 Presidential Medal of Freedom


Grace Hopper, who is the great inspiration and motivations for many scientists and women around the world. Every year in the remembrance of her, people around the world celebrate Grace Hopper day and also held the computing conference. She helped a lot to the young peoples to increase the interest in computer field. She died on January 1, 1992 when reached the age of 85 and her body was buried with military honors in the Arlington National Cemetery (ANC). She advised to the young people that they should always be curious about the problem and their solution finding way and for that they should always work hard.

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