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Crossword Clue Fact And 7 Tricks To Solve

Crosswords are a type of word puzzle which is specially used to play people for fun and to boost brain. It was called before as “Word Cross Puzzle” but after some more innovations and introducing more characteristics like the use of Vertical and horizontal lines to make boxes for words and letters. So it was named as “Crossword”. Arthur Wynne, who created this game for fun on the Sunday edition of New York World.


Insights of Word Puzzle

It is a word puzzle which contain black and white numbered square and rectangular grid with a lots of list of clues and which we have to answer on the grids. It is of different types according to the region and country of people livings and also depend on people’s language such as we can see that Japanese crosswords contain only one syllable per square instead of one letter whereas Hebrew crosswords using consonants.  They have mainly two types of clues that have answers as simple definitions which is known as “straight ”, “quick ” or “simply ” and “cryptic ” are those types which clues are vague.  

Basic Facts Crossword Clue

Till date , the important word puzzle ever published contains 132,020 squares with 12,842 clues across and 13128 clues down which is compiled by Ara Hovhannisian during the period of 2007 to 2008 . This puzzle contain the longest ever word set which is Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, about 58 words , published in the edition of Russiky Crossword. The skillful person or who solved/create a this puzzles is know as “ Cruciverbalists” that is crosswords aficionados. They are like the one who create puzzles and can be also called as ‘setter’ or a ‘compiler’. Stanley Newman, who is a puzzle creator and publisher set a record of completion of a New York Times crossword puzzle by completing it in 2 minutes and 14 second in 1996.


Do you know crosswords were also banned?

Yes, you hear right. It was banned in Paris during the second World War because it was noticed that some wrong and secret information were passing between countries and to the enemy but later when investigation were done then the investigators were found that it was just a coincidence. NYT which stands for New York Time crosswords puzzle paying the writers of crossword about $200 for a weekday puzzle whereas $1000 for a Sunday puzzle.

Roger Squires who has designed most of the crossword puzzles in 1960s which has having 66,666th puzzle on May 14, 2007. Also in America 1924, Richard Simon and Lincoln Schuster, Company Simon and Schuster started the first crossword puzzle book which was very popular and kept an important place for solving puzzles in United States.

Tricks And Tips To Solve Crossword

As we know, word puzzle solver also does not know all the answer of it as they also take lots of time to solve and crack the puzzle. One of the famous crosswords puzzle in the world is nyt crosswords . Some common tricks and tips which you can follow to solve the puzzle are listed below.

  • First of all you need to have a good and positive mind setup and keep your stress out while solving the puzzle then start with by filling the first blanks boxes in a puzzle.
  • We need to try to find the shortest answer first because generally it have answers which ranges from three to twenty one letter.
  • Then look to the area for guidance as it have eight choices like NNW (north-northwest), WNW (west-northwest), NNE (north-northeast), ENE (east-northeast), ESE(east-southeast), SSE (south-southeast) and SSW (south-south west).
  • After that jump to find the trivia questions.
  • Then keep an eye for abbreviations and acronyms because whenever an answer need that type of acronym and abbreviation then we can easily find that.
  • Now at last, look out for clues within the clues because it contain strict logic which make sometime direct toward the correct answer.
  • In this way , we can solve most of the nyt crosswords clue puzzle.

In this world , lots of people play the puzzle games every day because they believed that this game or puzzle will keep human brain young and also keep the disease like Alzheimer’s or dementia away but there is no any scientific evidence to prove that. But this give will always make you joy and keep you active in your life so everyone suggest to play and try to solve the game.


It is not important that you need to solve and find the correct answers always but at least we can always try to do so. So let’s keep your pencil in hands and always be ready to start solving the word puzzles .

Above we present all way to improve your word puzzles clue solving power and we will provide more like this from our upcoming post till read our another interesting facts in our website factsghost.

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