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Triwizard Chess| Let’s Know The Rules Of This New 3 Players Chess

Triwizard Chess
Triwizard Chess

Triwizard Chess

Triwizard Chess is the first and only board that allows three players to play at one time. It was created by Aditya Nigam, an IIT Roorkee graduate. You must have engaged in a variety of games till today. Whether it’s ludo, FICS chess played at home, or cricket or outdoor games played on a field outside the home. Every game in this world has its rules, which serve as the foundation for the entire game, as we all know. While some sports have had the same rules for decades, there are plenty whose rules change frequently.

Today, We’ll discuss one such game whose rules haven’t changed over the years and have not been modified over the years. Yes, Chess is the topic today. You may have seen two people playing chess together till today, but have you ever seen three players using the same chessboard at the same time? If not, perhaps today will be the day that you will undoubtedly view such a sight.

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Roorkee) Student Invention

Aditya Nigam
Aditya Nigam

A student from IIT Roorkee invented a new chess board on which three players can play chess simultaneously. Aditya Nigam of the BTech 2014 batch developed this new chess board through his gaming startup in August 2018. It is known as Triwizard Chess. This is the first and only such board in India, in which three players can play at one time. The interesting thing is that Aditya Nigam introduced this Triwizard Chess during a chess tournament held at IIT Roorkee.

Two players can be checkmated simultaneously by one person! Nigam described the game as “just a chess game for three players with the exact same pieces for each player and none of the original rules updated. This game was created for chess enthusiasts. He had more than two years of experience as an entrepreneur, and this was his second startup. This has been a huge assistance to him as he shapes this startup.

New Color Chess Men Were Added

According to Aditya Nigam, the purpose of this game is to spread the popularity of chess among the younger generation. There will be more players with the introduction of this new format of chess, The viewer before will now become a player in the new game, which will alter how the game is seen overall.

Each player in this novel game, which comprises three players, must simultaneously comprehend the motions of two other players. Let us inform you that the players in this new game will be dealt with in a clockwise fashion, with the turn of the white player coming first, followed by the turns of the brown and black players.


Makes High Focus Level (Triwizard Chess)

Triwizard chess is a game and art that sharpens your focus and concentration. You can even more patiently concentrate on each work at hand. A player must exercise extreme concentration and focus when playing either ordinary chess or Triwizard chess. The total development of an individual is ultimately the result of this. Many people play chess professionally, while some just enjoy this game as a hobby. Unfortunately, Triwizard chess cannot be played online at this time.

There are many other shapes of chessboard let’s go through some of them

Triangular cells Board: George R. Dekle Sr. created the two-player chess variant known as triangular chess in 1986. A hexagon-shaped gameboard with 96 triangular cells serves as the playing surface for the game.

Circular Chess: this is a form of chess in which the usual set of pieces is used on a circular board with four rings, each with sixteen squares. This is comparable topologically to having fun on a cylinder’s curved surface.

Hexagonal chess: A collection of chess variations played on boards with hexagonal cells is referred to as hexagonal chess. The most popular is Gliski’s variation, which is played on a hexagonal board with 91 symmetrical cells.

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