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Fun Facts About Red Pandas

Red Panda
Red Panda

Red pandas are the most unique in the panda community. Pandas are mainly gaint but red pandas are unlikely to be other pandas. They become more important when we talk about the identical unique traits of this species. They play an impactable role in maintaining the balance in the ecosystem of the Himalayan Broadleaf Forest Ecoregion. They are so many interesting and fun facts about red pandas that you don’t wanna miss. Let’s explore some of them

Red Pandas Are The First Ever Panda Discovered

If we talk about the existence of pandas, they are a million years old species on earth. The 5 Million years old fossil of Red pandas is found in North America which shows that they are not only found in Asia.

A French Zoologist and paleontologist ” Frédéric Cuvier ” Mentioned Red pandas as the most beautiful animal he had ever seen, he described it in 1825 which was almost 50 years before the giant pandas were discovered. This shows that the Red pandas are the first ever panda discovered.

In 1897, F. W. Styan found a subspecies of red panda and named it Ailurus fulgens styani which is now refulgens.

They Are Mainly Active During Night.

If you are willing to see them in the forest somewhere on your trip to Himalayan Broadleaf Forest then you have to wait till Dusk cause Red pandas are nocturnal animals and love to wander during the night. They spend their day up in the trees sleeping

Firefox Is Named After Red Pandas.

You must be surprised to hear that the famous Firefox browser is named after Red pandas. They have different nicknames like the lesser panda, red bear-cat, red cat-bear, and the famous firefox.

The famous “Master Shifu” Is A Red Panda.

Master Shifu
Master Shifu

If you have seen Kung Fu Panda then you must be known by the name Master Shifu. He is one of the main supporting characters of the Kung Fu Panda franchise. He is also a Red Panda.

They Are Over Half Meters Long

You must have seen gaint pandas in videos and pictures. They look very large and puffy but the red panda is 20 to 25 inches long. And their tail is 12 to 20 inches long which is almost the same as the length of their body.

They sleep on their tail and use their tail to wrap around their body like blankets which makes them feel cozy. They also help red pandas to navigate the treetops and have a proper balance over trees.

Answers To The Most Asked Questions For Red Pandas

How many red pandas left in 2022?

If we talk about the number then there are around 10,00 of them left on the globe according to the data for 2022. They are in the condition of extinction but they are in a highly conservative area.

Are red pandas friendly?

As we mentioned above they are among very nocturnal animals. They do like to interact with people. They are found to be aggressive to their keepers sometimes.

How do I adopt a red panda?

There are different conservation organizations providing adoption for red pandas so probably you can get a chance to hug a panda.

What zoo has pandas in the US in 2022?

Panda In zoo
Panda In zoo

You can visit 3 zoos in the US where you can find Red Panda.

  1.  Smithsonian’s National Zoo (Washington, DC)
  2. Zoo Atlanta (Atlanta, Georgia)
  3. Memphis Zoo (Memphis, Tennessee)

Can Red pandas swim?

If you don’t know, red pandas are very good climbers and good swimmers as well. They can climb up to 13,000 feet up.

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