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9 Amazing Facts About Bats

Hanging Bat
Hanging Bat

9 amazing facts about bats. There are more than 1100 species of bats all over the world. It is a flying animal usually hanging upside down on tree branches and in dark caves. Bats are amazing and very strange creatures on our planet. Below we will discuss 9 amazing facts about bats.

Bat have 5 feet 6 inch long wings

The world’s largest bat can have 5 feet 6 inch long wings and weight around 2.6 pounds. Acerodon jubatus a fruit-eating bat which is found in Philippines only.

Bats are usually found on trees and caves

Bats are usually found hanging upside down in tree branches or in dark caves during day time. Bats live in colonies in completely dark places, old wells, hollow trees, and buildings. They Hang on trees so that they can fly quickly.

Bats cannot fly from ground

Bats cannot fly back and walk properly once they land on the ground. They avoid landing on the ground. When leaving the cave, bats always turn to the left.

Facts About Bats

Bats all over the world

The smallest bat in the world is a species called Bumblebee. Texas has the largest bat cave in the world. The largest number of bats are present in America. Interesting facts about bats are that there are 20% of the population of bats in mammal species all over the world. China & Japan consider bats as a symbol of happiness.

Bats have strong hearing power

Bats have strong hearing power. Humans can hear sounds from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz but Bats can hear sounds from 20 Hz to 120,000 Hz. Bats use sound waves to move around and find food at night. they send sound waves from their mouth and when the sound hit any object the echo generates and the echo reaches the ears of the bat. they can locate insects to eat by these high-pitched sounds.

Bats can Eat 600 bedbugs

Most interesting facts about bats are that it can eat 600 bed bugs in an hour and also 1200 mosquitos in an hour.

Baby Bat
Baby Bat

Bats can live more that thirty years

Bats have a lifespan of over thirty years and can fly 60 mph in an hour.

Some bats eat scorpions

Pallid bats are those bats that can eat scorpion even the Arizona bark scorpion which is found in North America.

Mostly bats have only one baby in one year

Interesting facts about bats are that bats can have only one baby in a year. Bat mothers find their babies among thounds of other bats by their voices and scents.

Vampire Bat
Vampire Bat

Facts about Bats (vampire Bats)

  • Vampire bats are the only bats in the world that can drink blood. They can drink blood as much as their body weight.
  • White winged Bats trick chickens as they are also chickens and when the chicken come near bats they starts sucking their blood.
  • They suck the blood from sleeping horses, pigs, cows, and birds. Vampire bats occasionally bite people for blood, however this is rare.
  • They don’t suck enough blood that harms the animals but their bites can cause infections in them.
  • Vampire bats make small cut with their teeth then suck the blood with their toungue.
  • They have a good eyesight. They can see an animal from a distance of 130 meters.
  • If Vampire Bats cannot find blood for two night regularly they might die.
  • If a baby bat’s mother dies. vampire bats are to be the only species of bats that adopt another young bat.
  • Amazing facts about bats is that these bats are so light that sometimes they are able to drink blood from an animal for more than 30 minutes without waking it up.

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