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Electric Bike Facts

Electric Bikes are the latest trend in today’s market. The encouragement of EVs ( electric vehicles ) to support natural resources gives next-level hype to this trend. The use of advanced technology and enhancements in comfort gives amazing vibes riding the electric bikes

Electric Bikes
Electric Bikes

The means of transportation are meant to be expensive based on fossil fuels. The revolution of electric bikes is helping to heal nature and making transportation cheaper. Let’s explore some electric bike facts.

The First Patent For E-bikes Was Granted In 1895

We often call these electric vehicles modern inventions but you must be surprised after reading the fact that it was patented in 1895. Ogden Bolton Jr. invented a battery-powered electric bicycle containing a “6-pole brush-and-commutator direct current (DC) hub motor fixed in the rear wheel.” The patent was granted on  December 31, 1895.


Two more patents were granted in 1897 by Hosea W. Libbey for a double electric motor placed inside the crankset axle hub. This technology is still used for today’s problems.

Next year, in 1898 Matthew J. Steffens invented a rear-wheel drive electric bicycle using a driving belt along the edge of the wheel and a patent was granted for his invention.

China Is The Biggest Exporter Of E-bikes

China is considered the industrial hub of the world. Supporting the fact that China is the top manufacturer and exporter in the world. It manufactures around thirty-six million ( 60,000,00 ) e-bikes per year. China manufactures 85% of the total electric bikes sold in Asian countries.

It is expected that 130 million electric bikes will be sold from 2020 to 2023 around the world. It is a huge market where China is leading the race.

People use e-bikes for different motives. If we talk of the number of bikes with Pedal assist and without pedal assist then 88.36% of the e-bikes market is occupied by pedal-assist e-bikes.

People mostly prefer to ride traditional bikes with manual pedals and also automated electric bikes so the combination of both makes more comfortable for the riders.

Cycling Is A Great Way To Stay In Shape

It is not a myth that cycling is a great way to stay in shape. A lot of people visit Gim to have heavy workouts and cycling but you must miss going cycling early morning close to nature. It regulates the flow of blood and tone the muscles.


Have you ever thought you went too far cycling so that you are too tired to return back? of course, many of you must have experienced it. And it is where pedal-assist electric bikes come into action. It will drive to home.

Cycling will help you have multiple workouts at once. It is a perfect cardiovascular workout, improves your mental health, and eases the pain of aging, electric bikes are user-friendly too; even a disabled can ride it.

You Can Fully Charge Your E-Bikes In Just 20 Minutes

Most of the E-bikes in the market have advanced charging systems. The battery and the charger in these bikes work together to provide more efficient results.  You can fully charge a five-hundred-watt battery on an electric bike in just 220-20 minutes. Its ranges differ according to the manufacturers.

Charging E-Bikes
Charging E-Bikes

The ZapBatt famous e-bikes manufacturer claims that the battery can be fully recharged in 20 minutes and last as long as 20 years. They use a lithium-titanate battery which is a long-lasting battery.

Electric Bikes come with smart assistance in different modes. E-bikes with wireless connectivity are also available in the market. These bikes are loaded with smart walk assistance modes where it will help you in crowded places and overcome obstacles in the path.

Electric Bikes Are More Cost Effective

Most people think twice before purchasing bikes. The total cost of traditional fuel bikes is very high and their maintenance costs are much larger but this e-bike is low budget and has a low maintenance cost.

You don’t have to pay for fuel anymore instead it costs low to charge your e-bikes which reduces the total cost of having a vehicle with flexible use.

They are Environmental Friendly To Use

Electric bikes use the battery to run so it doesn’t produce smoke. Other fuel-engined bikes produce a large amount of smoke which results in carbon emission and results Ozone layer depletion and global warming. Electric bikes are long-lasting eco-friendly means of transportation.

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