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10 Facts About World War 1

World War 1
World War 1

We all well know about the impact of world war 1 and world war 2. There are different mysteries regarding the war. Exploring the chapters of battles fought by the warriors, we are here with the top 10 facts about world war 1.

World War 1 Was Started When Austria-Hungary Declares War On Serbia

Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria with his pregnant wife Sophie was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist in Sarajevo for which Austria-Hungary blamed Serbia and declared war against Serbia on July 28, 1914.

Later on, other countries get into the war to protect their territories. The countries started to make groups to help each other in the war.

Countries Made Pact To Help Eachother

It was hard to survive alone in the war so the countries made a pact to help each other. There were two sides to the pact. They were called the Allies and the Central Powers. The was actually between the Allies and the Central Powers.

The countries like Great Britain, France, Belgium, Russia, and the USA were in The Allies (The Entente Powers) and Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Turkey were in The Central Powers.

African Americans Also Served During The War

African Americans were not granted citizenship in America until 1924 though over 200,000 African Americans served where 13,000 were native Americans.

The number of African Americans was high but only 11% of them were in segregated divisions like combat.

Sidney Lewis Was The Youngest Authenticated Combatant

There was a race to fake their age to join the war and the youngest age listed was 12. Sidney Lewis was only 12 to serve as an authenticated combatant.

The First-ever Motorized Ambulances Were Used

It was very hard to transport the injured warriors during the war so the first ever motorized ambulance was used in world war 1.

Motored Ambulance

The Men and Women took part as volunteers to serve as Ambulance drivers including the famous Walt Disney.

There Were 6 Major Battles Between Them

World War 1 Warriors in Trenches
World War 1 Warriors in Trenches

If we talk about fights from the trenches were common during the war but there are 6 major battles fought between them.

  1. Battle of Tannenberg
  2. First Battle of Marne
  3. Battle of Gallipoli
  4. Battle of Verdun
  5. Battle of Jutland
  6. Battle of Somme

Cloth Caps Were Used For Protection By The British Soldiers At The Beginning Of The War

At the beginning of the war in 1914, there were no steel helmets made at that time so the British Soldiers used cloth caps.

Steel Brodie helmets
Steel Brodie helmets

Later in 1915, steel Brodie helmets were introduced. It was very protective but uncomfortable and it was called “Salad Bowls” by the German Army.

Britons Were Banned From Throwing Rice At Weddings And Feeding Pigeons

There was a huge shortage of food during world war 1. The country banned its citizens to waste food in order to reduce the shortage of food. A lot of food used to be wasted feeding Pigeons and at weddings so they were banned mainly

Germany signed An Agreement Of Peace To Stop The War

The 4 years long war ended when Germany signed an agreement for peace to stop the war immediately. The Agreement was called an Armistice.

Symmetry for warriors
Symmetry for warriors

Germany realized that they wouldn’t be able to win the war so they came to a peace treaty. The USA was against them and there was no way besides the Armistice.

The Allies Won The World War 1

After 4 years long war between The Allies And The Central Powers, the Allies celebrated on the roads after winning the war.

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