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6 Interesting Facts About Nails

Human hands and feet have a thick, armor-like covering on the tops of their fingers. Even among mammals, It is formed of keratin, a tough protein. Animals’ horns and hooves are also made of this substance. Here, We will cover some interesting facts about nails you should know.


Here are some interesting facts about nails. Most likely, when you think about your fingernails, all you picture is something you use to apply nail polish to or something you chew when you’re nervous but you might not be aware of facts about nails which we are going to discuss below.

  • An average fingernail grows 3.5 millimeters every month. Your dominant hand’s fingernails often develop at a higher rate. The same hard substance that makes both hair and nail is known as keratin. Your nail and hair can be cut without experiencing any pain since it is a protein formed from dead cells. Horse hooves, bird feathers, and other materials.
  • Women apply nail paint to their nails since they are highly concerned about nails and the decoration of their nails Additionally, ladies are said to find it to be a center of attraction. Amazing Nails Art Studio has also been a new brand identification for a while. Women exhibit a distinct kind of enthusiasm about nails, too.
  • The color of a woman’s nails was used as a status symbol in ancient Egypt. Red was the top-ranking color.
  • If you’re sick, your nails can tell you. There may be a problem if there is a color change, dents, ridges, black lines, swelling around the nails, or soreness. Because of this, you ought to avoid painting your nails before visiting the doctor.
  • Men’s nails grow more quickly than those women’s. However, because of hormones, women’s nails do grow more quickly during pregnancy. The fact about nails is that using your nail to type will encourage their growth. Summertime is when fingernails grow more quickly than wintertime.
  • Chewing Nail: Onychophagia is the medical term for the behavior of biting nails. Although there isn’t a clear explanation for why people chew their nails, most of the time Childhood is when this behavior first develops, but once it does, it can be challenging to break. People who have the habit of chewing their nails frequently do so when they feel anxious or uneasy for whatever reason since it helps to reduce stress and dullness.

Different parts of the nail

Cuticle: This is the thin skin covering the nail and its root that is present immediately before the nail breaks the surface.

Mantle: The skin that covers the nail plate’s matrix and base is known as the mantle.

Lunula: A fingernail or toenail’s bed has a crescent-shaped, whitish region called the lunula.

Nail Plate: The transparent keratin protein-based visible hard nail region that extends from the nail root to the free edge.

Free Edge: The Nail Plate portion that sticks out from the Nail Bed. Consequently, it is a “dead” and a painless portion of the nail.


Matrix: The region where the growth of your fingernails and toenails begins.

Nail Bed: The pinkish-colored soft tissue beneath your nail plate, which is the solid portion of your nail, is the nail bed.

Nail Wall: The skin fold that extends beyond the nail’s proximal and lateral borders.

Nail Groove: This skin line marks the place where the nail plate and nail bed part ways. The skin along the sides of the free edge has grooves like this.

Hyponychium: The skin directly beneath your nail’s free edge is called the hyponychium. It’s close to your fingertip, just beyond the distal end of your nail bed.

Longest Nail In The World


Diana Armstrong has smashed the record for both the longest fingernails on a pair of female hands and the longest fingernails overall, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. The total length of Diana’s fingernails as of 13 March 2022 was 1,306.58 cm (42 ft 10.4 in), For more than 25 years, Diana has been growing her fingernails.

These were some Interesting facts about Nails that you read above. Also, Read Some Facts About Blue Eyes

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