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All Time Unsolved Mystery

Unsolved Mystery That Still Exists Today

Mystery Book (Unsolved Mystery)

A 240-page handwritten book known as the Voynich manuscript is thought to have been composed in the 15th century. Because it is entirely written in an unknown language that no one can read, this book is regarded as a mystery. This book has 240 pages, but it is thought that many of the pages in the center are missing. The book has strange monsters, naked women, and more.


Many cryptographers have attempted to decipher the words and photos in the book, which contains pictures of unusual objects, but it is unclear what the book is about, what is written inside, why it was written, and who authored it. It remains an unsolved mystery to date.

Jack the Ripper (Unsolved Mystery)

London lived in constant fear of a serial killer in 1988. This killer primarily targeted prostitute women, but he also used to kill in a terrifying manner and remove the victims’ internal organs. Between 1988 and 1991, dozens of women were murdered, but the five killings in 1988 shared the most characteristics. When a note predicting that one of these five women will conduct additional murders was discovered close to her body, the fear of this serial killer intensified even more, and people were scared to leave their homes, but this letter.


Following this serial killer, although Jack the Ripper’s name was discovered, it was unclear who sent the letter—whether the murderer or one of the journalists who covered the case—in order to disseminate the story. One of the most puzzling incidents in England’s history is this massacre. Furthermore, 130 years after the slaughter, neither the identity nor the real name of the killer was known. Remains unsolved mystery

A Mystery Disease (Encephalitis lethargica)

Encephalitis lethargica, often known as sleeping sickness, was a condition that damaged people’s minds and caused them to become like idols, unable to talk or move. Between 1915 and 1926, the disease spread around the world and is said to have impacted over a million people, of whom little over 5 lakh people died, and many of the survivors were not able to recover completely. But as of this writing, it is unknown what caused this sickness to spread. Scientists conducted numerous studies to determine the cause of its spread, but the cause was never identified. Remains unsolved mystery

6 Inch Human Skeleton (Unsolved Mystery)

A 6-inch skeleton with sturdy teeth and a huge head was discovered in the Chilean desert of the Atacama in 2003. It is believed to have lived in the 1970s. After many years of research, it was discovered that the small skeleton was actually that of a human lady who had the sow’s sickness. At first, because of its size, it was thought to be an alien skeleton.


And around the age of 6 to 8 years, he would have passed away. Scientists have not yet been able to determine the sickness that caused the creature’s body to be so small, despite the fact that humans have 12 sets of ribs, whereas the creature only had 10. Remains unsolved mystery

The Nine Unknown Men (Unsolved Mystery)

The Nine Unknown Men were to India what the Illuminati are to the West, but they are far more pervasive and mysterious. This formidable covert organization was allegedly founded by Emperor Asoka in 273 BC following a bloody battle that lost the lives of 100,000 men. The Nine Unknown Men were tasked with safeguarding and creating information that, in the hands of an outsider, would be too lethal.

Each of the Nine was given their own unique book of knowledge, which ranged in subject matter from microbiology to propaganda. Some of them are said to have the mysteries of time travel and anti-gravity. Some of this priceless knowledge does periodically “leak” to the public; for instance, Judo is said to have been founded on


The number of the Unknown Men is always nine, and they rarely contact the outside world while not wearing masks. Similar to how the Illuminati is the subject of numerous rumors, so are their current and former members. Surprisingly, not all of the Unknown Men are Indian; they are rumored to be present all over the world, with some claiming to be in high-ranking positions. Among the Nine Unknown’s presumed members are Vikram Sarabhai, the physicist who started India’s embryonic space program, and famous Pope Sylvester II from the 10th century. Remains an unsolved mystery.

The Ladakh Magnetic Hill

In the Ladakh region, close to the Himalayas, there is a strange hill that is said to be magnetic. Your car will automatically roll up the incline if you park it on the road heading to the top of the hill and leave it in neutral. It will travel at up to 20 kph (12.4 mph). This amazing natural phenomenon, which some travel guides may claim is supernatural, is referred to as a “Himalayan marvel” and is a well-liked tourism destination for anyone traveling through the area.


Although less mysterious, the real meaning of Ladakh’s “Magnetic” Hill is quite astonishing. It’s essentially just an optical trick brought on by the peculiar geology of the region. The location appears to be substantially uphill, however, the route actually descends downhill because of the placement of the mountains, road, and slope. As a result, on a particular stretch of road, a car in neutral will appear to be rolling upward.

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