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Countries With Fastest Internet Speed


The fastest internet speed is one of the basic needs of a person. In the 21st century, the world is growing so faster and reaching toward modernization. Everyone Dreams of the fastest internet speed. Every second person you meet talks about digitization, and the term digitization itself is connected to the internet. It’s time now the internet speed is directly proportional to the income of the user. So let’s dive a bit deep into the world of the internet.

History Of Internet

The invention of the internet was made for government researchers to share information in the 1960s. As we all know the computers in the 90s were of very large size and non-portable and it was a challenge for the workers and researchers to share information around the country as a medium of transferring the magnetic disks were highly used but those were very unsafe and time-consuming. The speed of data transfer was as slow as the means of transportation at that time and a very limited amount of data were served after a long rush.

During the cold war, the Soviet Union’s launch of the Sputnik satellite made the U.S. Defence figure out the solution for the safety of information during the nuclear attacks as well. The Research led to the formation of ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), which is eventually now the whole internet system we are using now.

Countries List With Fastest Internet Speed

The internet speed in megabits per second and sources from speed test global index. The data given below are dynamic. According to the test done in 2022, the following rankings were made.



The county Monaco ranks first with 261.82 Mbps broadband speed in the context of having the fastest internet speed. You can experience the fastest google surfing and social media access around the country.



Singapore ranks in the second position with a speed of 255.83 Mbps broadband speed and 105.1 Mbps mobile speed. You must think of spending time in Singapore with beautiful views and the fastest internet speed. Singapore is also called a business hub where the top business headquarters are located.

Hong kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is number third with the fastest internet speed of 254.7 Mbps broadband and 83.58 Mbps mobile speed. Hong kong has thousands of business capitals in the city. You must prefer to visit Hong Kong for your next business trip.



Romania stands 4th with an internet speed of 232.17 Mbps broadband speed and 59.67 Mbps mobile speed. Romania has a very smooth internet connection. Tourists visiting the country get surprised by the speed and smoothness of the internet connectivity.



Switzerland has an internet speed of 229.96 Mbps broadband speed and 135.7 Mbps mobile speed. The country has fast mobile speed internet as well in comparison to other countries ranking above Switzerland.

The country is filled with natural beauty. High hills and mountains with high internet speed feel like heaven. You must visit Switzerland once.

Country With Fastest Internet And Their Internet Speed

RankCountryBroadband SpeedMobile Speed
10South Korea212.57202.61
List of countries with their internet speed

They are in the top 10 countries with the fastest internet speed in the world. The countries like the United States have an internet speed of 203.81 Mbps broadband speed and 110.07 Mbps mobile internet. On the other hand, China has an internet speed of 196.57 Mbps broadband speed and 165.38 Mbps mobile speed, Country like India has an internet speed of 64.03 Mbps broadband speed and 17.89 Mbps mobile speed.

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