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What are 10 interesting facts about Microsoft?

facts about Microsoft

Microsoft is a well-known tech company that doesn’t need any introduction. Microsoft has a lot of branches all over the world. From the beginning, there are so many hidden facts about Microsoft. Here we are going to uncover some interesting facts about Microsoft.

Let’s Know What Is Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation is a multinational technology corporation. It produces computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related products. It is one of the facts about Microsoft that every student across the world dreams to work for Microsoft.

It was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on April 4, 1975. And it is now raised into a tech giant. The world is incomplete without Microsoft. Large business around the world is running just cause of Microsoft products.

10 Facts About Microsoft

1. Microsoft Was Originally Known by the Name Micro-Soft

Today many companies recognize Microsoft by the name “Microsoft” but it was initially named “Micro-soft” which is slightly different from now.

2. First OS Developed by the Company was Called XENIX

We all think that Microsoft firstly created MS-DOS operating system but besides the gossip, there was another OS developed by the company for the first time.

The name of the operating system was XENIX which was an extended version of the UNIX operating system.

3. The Famous Microsoft Logo Was Created In Less Than A day

Microsoft Logo
Microsoft Logo

There are different versions of the Microsoft logo. The logo we see today is the next version of the original logo. Bill Gates and Paul Allen didn’t take much time to fix the logo for their company.

4. The Microsoft Jingle was composed by musician Brian Eno

Musician Brian Eno came up with the 6-second jingle for Microsoft which is the startup theme of Windows 95

5. Windows was once called Interface Manager

You must be surprised to hear the name Interface Manager, it seems very odd today to listen to the name. Bill Gates had unofficially named Windows as Interface Manager during its production, which was used internally to call OS. But the marketing team of Bill Gates convinced him to name the OS “Windows”.

Windows was taken as a reference to the “windows” on the computer screen that users interact with while using the operating system.

6. MS office was only made for Macintosh

It is one of the facts about Microsoft that MS Office is the evergreen Microsoft product used all time. Today we use the version of MS office which is also available in app form for the phone version.

But the Office suite found its way through Mac. And the reason was quite simple, Machintosh was more popular than that Windows in 1989. It was also taken as financially sound to launch from Mac. After a year they launched the Windows version as well.

7. Bill Gates became Billionaire at the age of 31

Bill Gates was the youngest Billionaire at that time. He was 31 when he earned his first billion from Microsoft.

8. Employees at Microsoft are named “Softies”

We eventually see the developers serious and focused but are often given a cute nickname “Softie”. Facts about Microsoft, there are more than 180,000 employees in over 100 countries. And there are males on average among the softies

9. Microsoft Saved Apple From Bankruptcy

Microsoft and Apple are the best rivals of each other. But there was also a time when Microsoft saved Apple from bankruptcy. In past 1997, when Apple was on the edge of bankruptcy Microsoft made a $150 million investment in the company.

The investment was beneficial for both of them as Apple pulled a lawsuit it had against Microsoft accusing it of copying its operating system.

10. Microsoft Is a Record Patent Owner

As we all know there are a lot of products launched by Microsoft. But if we talk about the number of patents registered in the name of Microsoft then you will be surprised to hear the facts about Microsoft holding more than 70,000 patents. It is among the top patent holders in the world.

Bonus Facts About Microsoft

Additional facts about Microsoft, Don’t be surprised to hear the names of some companies owned by Microsoft.

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Skype Technologies S.A.R.L
  3. GitHub
  4. Mojang
  5. aQuantive
  6. ZeniMax Media
  7. Nuance Communications

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