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5 Interesting Facts About Shark


A type of fishes which have a fusiform-shaped body is known as a shark. Normally fishes have fins and breathe with gills but they are Osteichthyes fish which don’t have any type of bones. Their body is made of cartilage. They belong to Chondrichthyes which can be known as Cartilaginous fish.

Unknown and Shocking Facts

There are many surprising and shocking facts about it that we did not hear ever yet. We have provided the top 5 most interesting facts from different research and study of the books.

1. The longest Fish In The World

In the ocean, we can find thousands of species of fish and it is one of them. A type of shark found in the sea is considered one of the longest fish in the world which is about 40 feet long. As per reports, they can grow in length from about 32 feet to 40 feet, and also their Weight is up to 9 tons.

Blue Ocean

2. Their Body Do Not Have Any Bones

As above written it that sharks belong to the Chondrichthyes category and their body is made up of cartilaginous tissue so they do not have any bones. Their cartilaginous tissue is very lighter in nature.  Sharks also use their gills to breathe and to filter oxygen from ocean water. One wondering fact is that even sharks do not have bone but their body can fossilize. Their teeth can also fossilize as they contain enamel so they can record that.

Do you know, can sharks sleep?

The answer is no as they did not sleep like human beings because they are more active and they did not tired as sharks do not need to swim all time. Sometimes their gills are used to swim by the force of water.


3. Blue Color Is Real And It Is Natural

When we see sharks in nature or when we watch them on any secondary display, we usually see they are blue in color which is really blue and it is one of the brilliant colors for them. Most of their color is brown, grayish, and olive but some are blue which looks great. The blue color is filled with the upper portion of the body so when it comes up on the surface of the water it looks clear as blue.

4. Embryos Of It Attack Themselves

In the world, sharks are the one and only animals known for attacking each other embryos. Some reports and researchers reported that bigger or largest embryos attack the smaller fellow embryos to eat.

5. Power Of Sixth Sense

We already heard the word sixth sense which is referred to predicting upcoming activities before it will happen in real life. Yes, that’s right. Sharks have that type of power to detect their prey using their tiny organs which are called Ampullae of Lorenzini. It is near their nostrils and around their head.


Can sharks see in the dark?

As the power of the sixth sense, they also have unique features which allow them to see in very dark and murky water.

Peoples are also curious to know, if Are they color blind?

The researcher reported that out of 10 species, only seven had only one type of color-sensing cells.

Some More facts and knowledge about sharks and their species

In nature, there are more than a hundred types of shark species that can be found which can be also 500 species of them which include bullhead, dogfish, and carpet sharks. They may vary in size ranges between a few inches to 40 feet. We studied that it lives in the ocean but it is not important that all of it lives in the ocean where we can find that some types of sharks live in lakes and ponds too. It is shocking to hear they can ride on it. An experienced swimmer can ride them easily in marine life. Also, check out facts about Oceans that will amaze you.

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