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Discovered Only 5% Oceans On The Earth, Facts About Oceans


In this world, only 5% of oceans are mapped which covered almost 70% surface of the planet and about 96.5% of the water on the earth. Also, 70% oxygen of the earth is from the ocean where we can find about 94% of the earth’s wildlife.

Some Facts About The 5 Oceans

The Pacific Ocean, which is the largest ocean in this world contains 30% surface of the world and the deepest area of the Ocean, the Mariana Trench which is located in the South Pacific Ocean. Some parts of the ocean contain fresh ice which is safe to drink and use. It is also reported that Ninety percent volcanic related activity occurs in the ocean. We can also find forty thousand three hundred and ninety (40,390) miles which are almost equal to 65,169 kilometer-long mountain ranger underwater, called the Mid-Oceanic Ridge.


It is hard to believe but the ocean is blue because of the sun.  Ocean also covered 5 percent of United States land.  We talked about Mariana Trench as its pressure of water at the bottom is about 8 tons per square inch. After the survey, it is also estimated that three million shipwrecks are available on the ocean surface. Hundreds of museums can also be found under the ocean. If we talk about proteins, Ocean provides 14 percent of the earth’s protein. A few years ago, some sounds were reported and heard from three thousand miles away under the sea which largest sound is made by an iceberg, named “The Bloop”.  

Animals Under Ocean

One hundred and eight feet long largest Blue whale is also seen in the ocean and is tall as more than a 10-story building. Thousands of types of plants and animal species can be found under the sea.  If we talk about penguins, there are 18 types and all are living the coasts of the southern hemisphere. They are very speedy in the sea but difficult to walk on land. The biggest fish is known as the whale shark which gives more than 300 eggs. Some sea animals like echinoderm, sea urchins, brittle stars, and sea stars can be found on the coasts of the sea. Usually, they do not have brains, eyes,, and hearts.


One study revealed that there are more than 898 species from 100 families and a dozen phyla. Many of them are new in nature. you know that fishes can change their sex while coursing and some of the species have both male and female organs. The longest bony fish, which is called Oarfish have a snake-like body and can grow up to seven meters long.

Names Of Ocean

There are five oceans in the world named the Pacific Ocean. Indian Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and Antarctic Ocean. Before it was only four but in the United States of America, the fifth ocean Antarctic Ocean has been recognized. The Pacific Ocean is the largest one and the Arctic is the smallest Ocean in the world.

Highlights on each ocean


Pacific Ocean (Area: 161,760,000 km2, Volume: 660,000,000 km3 ) – Its temperature condition is moderate like divided into all types of temperature. Cold in the east and warmer in the west side of it.

Atlantic Ocean (Area: 85,133,000 km2, Volume: 310,410,900 km3 )– It is rich in fish and known as the world’s richest Fishing Ocean. It is reported that this ocean formed during the Jurassic period and was one of the first oceans where airplanes crossed.

Antarctic Ocean (Area: 70,560,000 km2, Volume: 310,410,900 km3)– It is the smallest ocean which is full of wildlife and mountains of ice.

Indian Ocean (Area: 70,560,000 km2, Volume: 264,000,000 km3) – It is the third largest Ocean in the world which is full of exotic plants and animal species

Arctic Ocean (Area: 15,558,000 km2, Volume: 18,750,000 km3) – It is one of the smallest and shallowest oceans on this planet which contains marine species like whales and walruses.

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