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10 Scary Fact That Will Ruin Your Night


The world is full of mysteries and a lot of scary facts. Sometimes we couldn’t believe what we hear until we ourselves experience it. We all are curious to explore new things and have some adventure, scary facts, and fun stuff. It was very hard to be informed during the 90s but now we all are connected to a bulk of information through the internet, we can find all our answers with a single click, there are millions of people to hear and know about their creepy weird, and scary experiences.

If you have searched for scary facts then you must be excited to know more things that you are still unknown of. And to make sure you get shocked, we are here with a collection of 10 scary facts that will ruin your night for sure.

Human Sheds skin

Human dead skin

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), the average person shed around 112 pounds of skin in their lifetime. Different studies have also shown that humans shed skin like other animals too.

Our phone is dirtier than our toilet

It is very disturbing to hear that our cell phones are dirtier than public toilets. In recent studies, experts have found 10 times more bacteria on our cell phones than on our toilets.

Around 250,000 deaths are caused by medical errors

Every time we feel uncomfortable and face health issues we are suggested to visit doctors and get health assistance but it is one of the scary facts that almost 250,000 deaths are caused by medical errors. You should worry about hearing cause the number of people who get cured by doctors is god level.

Locked-in Syndrome might trap you in a coma-like state

Locked in Syndrome

Locked-in syndrome is the most terrifying medical condition where you can get stuck being asleep and awake. Your senses will be active enough to know you are awake and can hear and see things around you moving your eyes but cannot talk or respond to anything.

Your cat may sense when you are dying

It sounds so emotional to hear that your beloved is supposed to die and you know it but can’t do anything. It’s the same with our pet cat. A pet cat named Oscar resided in a nursing home and was believed to be able to tell when one of the residents would die soon. The cat used to sleep beside them until they passed. It is one of the scary facts for people who experience a cat like this with them.

Rat kings are real

Rat Kings are real. When a group of rats living in close quarters gets their tails tangled together (this can happen for many reasons), they’re called a rat king.

Being eaten alive was an actual method of execution

We usually call ourselves being eaten alive by mosquitoes but you will be terrified to know that it was an actual method of execution which was called Scaphism, it was an ancient method of torturing and execution where people are covered with honey and tied into a hollow log and leave them to be the food of others.

Tooth in the Eye surgery

Surgeons put a tooth in a blind person’s eye to restore their sight. it was done in the 1960s and it’s also one of the scary facts that it’s still in progress surprisingly it works as well.

Real corpses were used in the movie Poltergeist.


The movie was released in 1982, Poltergeist. The real dead body of a person was used in the film.

A haunted radio station

Haunted Radio Station

A haunted radio station from Russia has been broadcasting a dull monotonous tone every second continuously for the last three and a half decades. Every few seconds it’s joined by a second sound. it’s like some ghostly ship sounding its foghorn.

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