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Queen Elizabeth II

Some facts about Queen Elizabeth II you may not be familiar with. On September 8, 2022, the queen of England who had been in power for the most extended period passed away at 96.

Queen-Elizabeth II
Queen-Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II: On September 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II peacefully passed away while sleeping. She held the record for the country of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’s longest reigning monarch. She was the eldest child of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. She was born on April 21, 1926, in London. She was given the name Elizabeth Alexander Mary at birth, after her paternal great grandmother Alexandra, paternal grandmother Queen Mary, and her mother, Queen Elizabeth. Let’s go through her life journey.

Queen Elizabeth II Had Two Birthdays

Queen Elizabeth II used to celebrate her birthday twice, once privately on April 21 and once publicly on the second Tuesday in June when the weather is typically warmer and parades are more enjoyable. The monarch celebrated two birthdays primarily due to the British weather, and June was the ideal month for consistently good weather.

Queen’s Father Believed She Was Too Young To Go On Public Tours

Queen Elizabeth II stayed in Britain as her father believed she was too young to go on public tours In 1927 when they visited Australia and New Zealand, As her parents left, she “looked distraught. They had frequent correspondence, and on May 18th her parents made a trip to North America in 1939 when they made their first royal transatlantic call.

At the age of six, the Welsh people gave her a house on the grounds of Windsor’s Royal Lodge as a gift. The name, Y Bwthyn Bach, is Welsh for “little cottage.” She became the owner of a house at the age of six.

World War II Service By Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II learned how to change truck wheels and repair vehicle engines among other things after joining the Army during World War II. Five months after completing her training as a technician and driver, she was promoted to honorary junior commander, the female equivalent of captain at the time.

Queen Elizabeth II WWII

Queen Elizabeth II sent the first official email in the year 1976. When she was in the English telecommunications research facility on March 26, 1976, she used the ARPANET to send an email.

Elizabeth II used Winston Churchill’s Tommy Gun to practice shooting a gun as part of her preparation to battle the Nazis. She had just turned 14 years old. During the BBC’s Children’s Hour, 14-year-old Elizabeth made her first radio broadcast, speaking to other kids who had been evacuated from the cities.

Queen Elizabeth II became the first and only female member of the British Royal family to serve in the armed forces. She enlisted in the women’s auxiliary territorial service(ATS) when she was just 18 years old. She was given the service number 230873 and named an honorary second subaltern in the Auxiliary Territorial Service.

Queen Elizabeth II Married Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth II & PRINCE PHILIP

Queen Elizabeth II first met Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark in 1934, and they again met in 1937. They were third cousins through Queen Victoria and second cousins once removed through King Christian IX of Denmark. Queen Elizabeth II was only 13 at the time, she fell in love with Philip after their third meeting at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth in July 1939. They then started writing letters to one another. When their engagement was formally announced on July 9, 1947, she was 21 years old.

The Queen Of England Did Not Need Passport Or License To Travel.

For travel, Queen Elizabeth II didn’t require a passport. The Queen of England had many privileges like being permitted to drive without a license and these were just two of them. Elizabeth II was permitted to drive legally in England as the reigning monarch. She continued to drive into her senior years on numerous occasions.

There were 15 British Prime Ministers who served Queen Elizabeth II. The list includes Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, and Boris Johnson, a former prime minister.

Queen Elizabeth II supported more than 600 organizations and charities. According to the Charities Aid Foundation, Queen Elizabeth II helped to raise more than £1.4 billion for her patronages during her reign, Her primary pastimes included riding horses and owning pets, especially Pembroke Welsh Corgis

On September 8, 2022, the queen of England who had been in power for the longest period passed away at the age of 96 Her death was confirmed that evening at 18:30 BST.

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