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36 Fun Facts About Qatar That Will Blow Your Mind

Facts about Qatar
The Doha Skyline at Night

When you think of Qatar, what comes to mind? Perhaps images of brightly-lit skyscrapers, luxury shopping malls, and expensive sports cars. Well, you’re not too far off with those assumptions.
Armed with the third highest GDP per capita globally at $123,000 in 2017 (according to the World Bank), it is no wonder that this small country is home to so many extravagant mansions and hotels. But there is more to this oil-rich nation than meets the eye…
If you think you know everything there is to know about this small Middle Eastern country, think again! Here are some interesting facts about Qatar that may surprise you…

8 Interesting Facts About Qatar

Brown Rock Formation
Brown Rock Formation

Qatar houses the world’s largest desert museum.

This museum was constructed in the desert to give visitors a sense of the history of Qatar. The museum houses the world’s largest collection of modern and ancient art, including works by Van Gogh, Picasso, and Claude Monet. This museum was constructed in the desert to give visitors a sense of the history of Qatar.

The highest point in Qatar is only 710 meters above sea level.

Qatar is the only country in the world that can be found at sea level. As the world’s richest country per capita, it is no wonder that this tiny country is able to offer its citizens such high-quality living accommodations.

As the world’s highest point, it’s almost like it was meant to be. In order to keep the country’s infrastructure stable, the government is drilling into the sandstone rock for sand to build roads and buildings. However, this sand is constantly eroding away and has formed a 10-kilometer-long sand dune.

The World Cup 2022 will be played entirely in Qatar

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is the next major tournament in line to be held. With another World Cup coming up, the question of where to host this one is an important one for both FIFA and Qatar.

There are several reasons why Qatar might be a good choice for the 2022 World Cup. First, it is a country that has proven its ability to stage large-scale events. It hosted the recent FIFA Confederations Cup, which drew large crowds and was widely regarded as a success.

Qatari Arabian Dromedaries are the fastest in the world.

Surprising facts about Qatar, these Arabian Camels are the fastest breeds in the world, reaching speeds of 60 miles per hour. Because of their speed, these Arabian Camels are used for Camel racing.

In order to keep these Arabian camels healthy and strong, they have a diet solely consisting of dates. The Qatari Arabian breed is also known for its long coat, which is a result of the high desert climate in the country.

More than 300,000 workers live in “worker camps” in Qatar.

These camps are often found in remote areas of Qatar, with the most infamously being the “Building the World” area. These “worker camps” are often not just a few tents or huts; instead, they can consist of entire villages with a school, a mosque, a hospital, and all the amenities of a city.

The camps are the only place where non-citizens, including workers from Nepal and Bangladesh, are allowed to live and work in Qatar. Many workers live in the camps for up to seven years, with the “Building the World” camps housing around 100,000 people and the other camps housing around 30,000 people.

The camps are often referred to as “concentration camps,” and many workers have left the camps and returned to their home countries.

By 2020, Qatar expects to import 90% of its food supply

Qatar already imports 90% of its food, which is a huge concern for the country’s future. With plans to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup and the construction of the new Doha International Airport, the country will need to import even more food.

This is a huge concern for the country’s future and will require a lot more farmland in order to grow enough food to feed the growing population.

90% of workers in Qatar are migrants and they’re basically trapped there

90% of workers in Qatar are migrants and they’re basically trapped there because they need their wages to send back home to their families. Without this requirement, many would have already left by now because working conditions are so bad.

Arabic is not the only language spoken in Qatar

We all know Arabic is the official language of Qatar and the majority of the Qataris speak a dialect of Gulf Arabic, which is similar to surrounding states. Meanwhile, modern and standard Arabic is taught in schools with English. On the other hand, Persian and Urdu are often spoken by the large expatriate population.

28 Facts About Qatar

National Animal of Qatar Arabian Oryx
National Animal of Qatar Arabian Oryx
  1. Qataris consume an average of 18 spoonfuls of food per meal.
  2. 90% of Qatari citizens own a smartphone.
  3. Qatar is the world’s biggest producer of dry natural gas.
  4. Qatar has the world’s longest continuous paved road is one of the facts about Qatar
  5. It rains for just 2 hours a year in Qatar.
  6. The Arabian Oryx is considered to be the national animal of Qatar.
  7. Tourism is a massive part of Qatar’s economy.
  8. Women are not allowed to drive in Qatar, but with conditions
  9. Qatar has the world’s tallest building.
  10. The country has no native animals; it is only home to many exotic species.
  11. There is a Museum of Endangered Species in Doha, which was opened in 2016.
  12. Qatar has the world’s biggest Shisha cafe
  13. All Women in Qatar Are Required to Be Fully Abaya-Clad
  14. The most exclusive beach in Qatar is only accessible by helicopter
  15. Qatar actually owns and operates its own subway system
  16. It is one of the hottest places on Earth.
  17. Qataris have their own currency: The Qatari Riyal.
  18. It is a constitutional monarchy.
  19. No spitting or wasting water – Ever!
  20. 7- Qatar has no taxes for its citizens, only foreigners!
  21. Qatar has the world’s only 7-star hotel.
  22. More than 90% of Qatari women are working professionals.
  23. Qatar Airways is the most luxurious airline in the world.
  24. Doha is regularly cited as one of the most expensive cities in the world
  25. The average age in Qatar is 29.6 years old
  26. Only 19% of Qatari citizens are women.
  27. More than 1/3rd of the people living in Qatar are immigrants.
  28. With a population of 2 million, you’re most likely to find a Filipino in Qatar.

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