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Blood Moons 2022, Fact That You Shouldn’t Miss

Blood Moon
Blood Moon

A blood moon occurs when there is a total lunar eclipse on a Friday or Saturday night when the moon is full. It usually occurs on the first or third week of April each year for 14 consecutive blood moons after 1809.

The appearance of a blood moon has great significance in Biblical prophecy and can signal important world events. There have been several notable blood moons over time including: – The Blood Moons of Joel 2:30.

What Is A Lunar Eclipse?

A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes into Earth’s shadow, causing it to appear pale or blood-red in color. This is because the reddish-orange rays of light from the sun are refracted (bent) by the Earth’s atmosphere and redder rays of light are visible to us through the atmosphere. This means that during a lunar eclipse, the moon will appear red instead of white. The next lunar eclipse occurs on April 15, 2019. It is called a blood moon, and it is a total eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse

When the full moon passes through the shadow of the Earth, it is a total eclipse. This is when the moon takes on a darker red color. At such times, it will look like a blood moon. But if you see it during the night, it will only be faintly red and not as noticeable as at other times of the year.

Lunar Tetrad – Four Total Lunar Eclipses In 14 Months

Here is how the Lunar Eclipse Calendar works: The first tetrad of lunar eclipses occurs in early 2019, with two total eclipses occurring on consecutive days. The next tetrad occurs in early 2020, with the last total eclipse of the year occurring on New Year’s Day. What makes the next four eclipses in this period so significant is that there are four lunar eclipses on consecutive days, with two of them being total eclipses. It means that there will be a total lunar eclipse every two weeks for a period of about three months.

Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse

The first lunar eclipse of this tetrad occurs on April 4, 2019, followed by another lunar eclipse on July 29. The lunar eclipse on September 28 will be a partial eclipse. The next lunar eclipse in the lunar eclipse Tetrad occurs on October 25, 2020.

Why Are There Blood Moons During A Lunar Eclipse?

When the moon passes through the shadow of the Earth during a lunar eclipse, some of the reddish-orange rays of light refracted by the Earth’s atmosphere make it appear to be ‘blood red’. This is due to the fact that the reddish-orange rays of light that make it red are refracted, while the white light is not. This is what makes it a ‘blood red’ lunar eclipse.

This is significant because this also happens to be when the Bible predicts important world events. For example, the book of Joel 2:31-32 talks about a time when God will “turn the Day of wrath into Day of salvation”. This may be a reference to a blood-red moon.

The Time of the Final Blood Moon: November 2022

The last lunar eclipse will be visible On November 7–8, 2022 so get prepared to witness the eclipse.

The Blood Moons fact That You Shouldn’t Miss

Did you know that you can see a total lunar eclipse from space? Many space telescopes and satellites are equipped to see lunar eclipses. You can also see lunar eclipses on a clear night when you look at the moon.

The moon’s craters, mountains, and seas are very bright and easy to see. You can find the moon in the southern sky after sunset. The moon will appear as a bright object in the sky. It will be located below the bright stars of Orion’s belt and will be slight to the right of the bright star Sirius.


These are some exciting times in the world of astronomy and lunar eclipses. There have been many interesting celestial events in the past and present, but the next tetrad of blood moons is predicted to be the most significant. If you want to witness the blood moon during this period, you’ll have to be patient because it will come once every two weeks for a period of about three months.

If you want to witness the most memorable blood moon, then you’ll have to wait until the autumn season. As you can see, the lunar eclipse calendar is quite exciting, and there are a lot of things to look forward to.

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