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13 Facts About Poland That You Should Know

facts about Poland

Did you know that Poland has a total area of almost 6,000,000 acres? That’s larger than the United Kingdom and is equivalent to the size of the Netherlands.

Did you also know that Poland stands at the center of Europe? How about the fact that more than 80% of Polish citizens live in cities, making it an ideal country for urban dwellers as well? All these facts about Poland can seem insignificant—but they all add up to make a great country. Read on to learn more about this beautiful European nation.

The Location of Poland

Poland is located in Central Europe and has a total area of almost 6,000,000 acres. It is bordered by the Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Russia, and Ukraine. It is also close to the Baltic Sea as well as the Carpathian Mountains.

The Size of Poland

Did you know that the total area of Poland is just over 6,100 square miles? This makes it the 90th largest country in the world. It is also the 8th largest country in Europe. The country has a width of 460 miles and a length of 740 miles. This makes it one of the largest countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Its capital city is Warsaw and has a total area of almost 1,740 square miles.

Climate in Poland

Seagulls in Poland
Seagulls in Poland

The climate in Poland is a Mediterranean climate, with influences of continental air masses. The climate of the country is similar to that of Italy. The weather in Central Europe is determined by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

The eastern parts of Poland have a sub-tropical climate whereas the western areas are cooler and have a sub-arctic climate. The mountains in the southern areas also have a sub-alpine climate.

Polish Culture

The Poles have a rich culture that stretches back thousands of years. They have a rich language, literature, music, and art. They also have a long history of agriculture and are known for their great cheeses and wines.

The Poles are also known as religious people. They rank as one of the most devoutly religious populations in the European Union. This can be attributed to the fact that the country was once home to Roman Catholic missionaries.

Festivals in Poland

Poland festivals
Poland festivals by iexplore

There are a number of great festivals in Poland. These include the Krakow Film Festival, the Wroclaw Festival of Contemporary Music, the Poznan Festival of Contemporary Music, the Swiebodzin Festival of Young Musicians, the Chopin Festival, and the Warsaw Chamber Music Festival.

The Wroclaw Festival of Contemporary Music is one of the top music festivals in Europe. It has been ranked among the world’s best music festivals since the ‘80s.

The Food in Poland

The Poles have a reputation for being great cooks. While Polish cuisine is not very popular, it is one of the most delicious cuisines in the world. The country is well known for its great salt-cured fish, sausages, and pierogi.

Polish cuisine is heavily influenced by the country’s long history. You can expect to find a lot of meats and dairy products in the Polish diet. The country is also known for being home to great potato dishes.

Interesting Facts About Poland

  1. The number of people who visit the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp each year is almost 2 million.
  2. There are over 8,000 lakes in Poland, with the largest being Lake Mazur.
  3. Warsaw was once known as the “Paris of the East” and was considered the most important city in Europe.
  4. The Polish language is related to the Iranian and Indo-European languages. Polish is the official language of Poland, but it is also spoken in Ukraine, Lithuania, and Belarus.
  5. There is a stretch of land between Latvia and Estonia where there is no sea-dwelling life. This area, known as the “Dead Sea of the Baltic,” is believed to have been created by pollution from the nearby paper mills.
  6. Poland is home to some of the world’s best architecture.
  7. The Polish language is beautiful and unique.
  8. Poland has a storied history and was once a major European power.
  9. Famous Poles include Nicolaus Copernicus and Pope John Paul II.
  10. Poland has a rich cultural heritage, especially in the art of weaving, embroidery, and ceramics.
  11. The country’s cuisine is hearty and delicious, with many dishes centering around pork or potatoes.
  12. Warsaw is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe—and it’s also one of the largest!
  13. Unfortunately, Poland was severely damaged during World War II but continues to be an important member of NATO as well as the EU despite that difficult past and its ongoing struggle to rebuild its great cities after the war

Why You Should Visit Poland

If you are looking for a place to explore, then there is no better place than Poland. It has a rich history, a fascinating culture, delicious food, and rich natural wonders. It is the perfect place to learn about Europe’s past and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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