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Facts About Ukraine


The existence of families living in Ukraine has been flipped around as the emergency in Ukraine keeps on raising. Ukraine has been in the media headlines since the crisis began.

You might have seen awful pictures and stories coming from Ukraine has made the whole population of the world to open the history of Ukraine. Besides the crisis, there is more to find out about Ukraine. Let’s know some facts about Ukraine.

Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe

Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe after Russia. It has a total area of around 603.55 square km ( 233 square miles ). Which is twice the size of Italy.

Ukraine has 7 heritage sites registered by UNESCO

Ukraine is a country with a history of more than 1000 years. It is a meeting place for various cultures and is home to seven incredible UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Let’s see the list of the places

  1. St. Sophia Cathedral & Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra
  2. Lviv Historic Centre Ensemble
  3. Struve Geodetic Arc
  4. Virgin Beech Forests of the Carpathians 
  5. Residence of Bukovinian and Dalmatian Metropolitans
  6. Wooden Churches of the Carpathian Region
  7. Chersonese

What is the national food of Ukraine?

People usually think that the humble chicken kiev is their national food but Humble chicken is not even invented in Ukraine. People are supposed to be surprised to hear that borscht is Ukrainian food which is also their national food. borscht is a red soup made from beetroot and beef.

Languages that are spoken in Ukraine

There are different languages spoken in Ukraine. Of course, the national language of Ukraine is Ukrainian. But let’s know other languages and the number of people speaking the language.

3Crimean Tatar231,3820.48%
19Not indicated201,4370.42%
Languages are spoken in Ukraine

Easter eggs

We have Ukraine to thank for our favorite decorative treat, Easter Eggs are colored and patterned using wax and dye.

Let’s have a look at this beautiful creation.

Easter Egg

Facts About Ukraine Highest peak

Mount Hoverla is part of the Carpathian Mountains and falls into Western Ukraine. It has a total height of 2.062 meters (m). It is the tallest peak in Ukraine and it is a popular site for extreme sports.

There is a list of mountains in Ukraine which you haven’t known about, let’s find out some of them.

3Pip Ivan2,021
5Hutyn Tomnatyk2,016
8Pip Ivan1,936
Mounatins of Ukraine

Ukraine is the world’s largest producer of sunflower seeds

Ukraine had the highest production volume of sunflower seeds than any other country in the world. In the 2021/2022 crop year. During that time period, Ukraine produced around 17.5 million metric tons of sunflower seeds. With these metrics, Ukraine ranked at the top of sunflower seed production in the world. Ukraine is also called the bread basket of Europe. It produces a high volume of wheat.

Tunnel of Love is in Ukraine

The Tunnel of Love is a part of a modern railroad situated close to Klevan, Ukraine, that joins it with Orzhiv. It is a rail route encompassed by green curves and is three to five kilometers long. It is known for being a most loved place for couples to go for strolls since trains spend threefold per day.

Tunnel of Love

Snake Island is in Control of Ukraine

Ukraine is lined toward the south by the Dark Ocean. They have command over Zymiinyi Island, which is also known as Snake Island because of the inhabitants. It’s the main regular home of the fundamentally imperiled Brilliant Lancehead Pit Snake. They were caught on the island in the last Ice Age.

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